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Helkon is the new owner of 6X International Belgium

With this acquisition Helkon broadens its many years of experience in supplying services in fiber optic networks by NetTech with the delivery of goods in the same high-tech industry.

More info: External Communication Aquisition (NL)

NATO clearance

NATO clearance

NetTech has won a contract for building and maintaining British Telecom (BT) fibre optic network at the new NATO headquarters in Brussels.

They are one of the few companies in Belgium that has a NATO specified security clearance. This guarantees that NetTech will follow the set out code regarding secrecy, loyalty and integrity.

New partnership announcement

RZ-Products and NetTech are joining forces to offer innovative data center product solutions to corporate and institutional customers in Belgium. Sharing a passion of providing their customers with quality products this partnership will provide the Belgian market a solid solution that will make a world of difference.

NetTech is an innovative telco services company based in Zele in the North-Western part of Belgium, in the so called „Golden Triangle“. The Company has over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry and with highly qualified teams is servicing blue chip companies in Belgium. Furthermore, thanks to its successful track record, Nettech was granted NATO specified security clearance allowing them to work in NATO facilities and EU institutions in Belgium.

The RZ-Products GmbH range provides tailormade data center solutions that are  modular and scalable to the market demands. Using a local partner model for fast and efficient delivery, installation and post sales services. RZ-Products product range matches the highest quality certification criteria and are proudly promoting German Engineering.

Data center business is an ever changing industry and with new technological solutions being rolled out over the coming years it made sense for NetTech to partner up with RZ-Products offering data center products covering the edge computing market (DC-IT Container), the mini (decentralised) data center (DC-IT Safe) strategy implemented by many high-end industrial and commercial groups,  and IT physical security (DC-IT Room) solutions to their customer base.

"It is my pleasure to announce that the RZ-Products: DC-IT Container, DC-IT Room GranITe and QuartzITand DC-IT Safe, can now be offered to our clients as a solution. RZ-Products is known for their strength in the data center industry, and this partnership offers strong support for our business," said Ann-Sophie Helon, Managing Director of NetTech bvba.

“With Nettech we have found a robust and highly qualified partner to address the Belgium datacentre products market and we are looking forward to this Partnership, said Jörgen Venot, Head of Global Sales for RZ-Products.”.

The product line, developed by RZ-Products, is part of the DCG group. NetTech will offer the range full RZ-products and is available to purchase from NetTech.

New service

NetTech has invested in the Reduct mapping technology to serve their customers demand even better. Reduct is technology developed for the mapping of underground utility infrastructures. Accurate as-built data is becoming more important due to stricter industry regulations or network risk guidelines.

Get in touch for more information on how the Reduct mapping technology can increase the quality of your network as-built data.


  • BT

    Engineering and installation services for Belgium and Luxembourg’s city fiber networks and customer drops including integration of network construction into geographic optical design data base.

  • International power

    Engineering, installation and commissioning of fibre networks on various ships and windfarm projects worldwide.

  • Elia

    Engineering and construction of fiber optic backbone network, metroploops on substations for monitoring and security of high voltage circuits.

  • Bayer

    Engineering and construction of plant; fiber optic, cat6A copper and Wifi network for various greenhouse crop plants