DC ITSafe Office Edition

Office Edition

The compact plug-and-safe network protection for your IT

Dimensions (height x width x depth) 1678 x 790 x 1200 mm
Dust and water protection IP 56 acc.to EN 60529
Burglary protection RC 2 acc.to EN 1627/EN 1630
Fire protection EI 90 acc. to EN 1363/EN 13501

Basic protection for:

Anti Burglary
Emission protection
Fire protection
Fire protection
Noise protection
Debris load
Water and Dust protection
External access protection
  • Protects your IT against fire, water, dust, burglary and explosion
  • Integrated air conditioning - no need for outdoor units
  • Energy efficient and silent air conditioning unit - also suitable for the use in open plan offices
  • Ideal for data-sensitive businesses like law firms, agencies or clinics
Technical features DC-ITSafe Office Edition
Height (mm) 1678
Width (mm) 790
Depth (mm) 1200
19" frame 800 x 900 mm
Height units 21 (19 horizontal, 2 vertical)
Weight empty (kg) 450-500kg
Cable duct 2 (within side elements)
Air conditioning hermetically seperated & flexible air conditioning solutions (split system) up to 1,6 kW power output
Door lock door lock with profile half-cylinde

Optional Equipment:

Electrical profile cylinder lock, permanent monitoring system, passive or intelligent PDUs, early smoke and fire detection, CO² fire extinguishing system, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) up to 3kVA, enclosed backside of the safe and various rack equipment

Techincal Drawing DC ITSafe Office Edition
Power Supply


Uninterrupted Power Supply in a Worst Case Scenario

UPS systems are used wherever you cannot afford any downtimes. In case of a blackout, the UPS solution takes over the operation in order to prevent loss of data or damage to the IT. Modern UPS systems are equipped with a double conversion online topology that aims for an accurate voltage and frequency regulation, an absolutely uninterrupted shift between mains supply and battery supply as well as a performance factor adjustment.

Power Distribution

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Units are More than Just a Name - Because They Have Become Quite Intelligent

Power Distribution Units do a lot more than "just" bring the power to the terminal device. Our intelligent and active PDU systems have several control panels and can control specific outlets separately. They can also turn them all on or off at the same time, e. g. if there were any rules made and the determined conditions apply. There are also a lot of safety features within the intelligent PDUs, like the integration of safety logs, which prevent unauthorized access, or alarm signals that are sent if a predefined safety limit is exceeded or undershot at a performance measurement.


DC-MonIToring - DCM Agent

What Is the Basis of Action? Information! After All, Information Leads to Knowledge in Action

The DCM Agent is an indispensable part of the DC-ITContainer because it offers countless options in the smallest spaces: It reads and collects the functional and operational information data of the entire IT inside the data center at the respective measuring points. It compares and assesses the actual figures with the set values through predefined features. If incorrect temperatures, too much humidity, water inlet, fire, smoke or motion detection as well as abnormalities with the access control or the power surveillance appear, the DCM Agent will send fault reports via e-mail or SMS to you or to the Network Operation Center (NOC).

More about this.

DC-ITSafe Office Edition - Equipment and options

Standard equipment

Drivable sockets

Drivable sockets for easy transportation

Cable ducts

Two cable ducts for cable connection

Door lock

Door lock with profile half-cylinder

Split air conditioning system

Split air conditioning system with outdoor unit above the safe and an evaporator inside the safe

Modern climate control

Modern climate control with individual temperature alarm and malfunction indicator

Emergency switch

Emergency switch over the rear door

Optional equipment

Early fire detection

Optional: Early fire detection optionally with extinguishing system

Monitoring solution

Optional: Monitoring solution consisting of DCM detection

PDU bar

Optional: PDU bar (passive or intelligent)

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Optional: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) up to 3 kVA

Electrical profile cylinder lock

Optional: Electrical profile cylinder lock

Rack accessories

Optional: Various rack accessories

Why should you choose the DC-ITSafe Office Edition?

DC-ITSafe is undoubtedly a massive and highly secure protection for your IT. But some scopes require an easier and more compact protection for the IT infrastructure, for example data-sensitive businesses like law offices, clinics or agencies. Since we are aware about the increasing demand of protection systems - everything has to become smaller but more reliable at the same time - we came up with a new idea. RZproducts therefore proudly presents the next generation of data centers: The DC-ITSafe Office Edition.

Our company does not only offer a more economic option but at the same time a straightforward alternative to the usual DC-ITSafe. With its new plug and play system and a height of 167 cm, our Office Edition is the smartest invention so far in this area. Plus: The drivable sockets make the transportation much easier. Due to its integrated air conditioner, which is extremely silent and energy-efficient, our new Office Edition can perfectly fit into any open-plan office without making much noise. The Split air conditioning system ensures a hermetic separation of outdoor units above the safe and the evaporator inside the safe to fulfill protective measures.

Hence, a cooling capability of 0.6 - 1.6 kW is possible and a modern control unit with individual alarm value of temperatures is integrated in this safe. Furthermore, there are no more time-consuming installations of external devices outside the building, which can be very convenient for rented buildings. With up to 21 height units, the new DC-ITSafe Office Edition offers an all round protection from physical dangers and unauthorized access. So, size does not matter.

Do not leave anything to chance: Let an IT expert take care of your security and data integrity. In general, all DC-ITSafe products are well known for their basic protection against fire, burglary, dust and extinguishing water. Additionally, we offer individual financing opportunities. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer professional customized solutions for everyone.